Sunday, August 31, 2008

Holy crap. I won.

Yesterday was a pretty big day for me. Our not-that-big-but-that's-ok State Fair and Rodeo is this weekend in Kodiak. It's the last hurrah of the summer, and just a part of the Kodiak way of life.

Like any other State Fair, people can enter their homemade goodies, handmade crafts, or, in my case, their photography. I decided to go for it, and edited and ordered 11 different pictures in time to get them put together and dropped off on Friday night. There were 12 different classes for me to enter, 6 in color and 6 in black and white. I had enough for all the color categories, but fell short on a good black and white scenic shot to enter all six of those. So, with my 11 framed prints in hand, Jason and I headed out to the fairground Friday night to register my entries.

Yesterday, the gates opened at the Fair at about noon, and we got there at just about 1pm. That silly spouse of mine actually asked me if I wanted to grab lunch before heading into the exhibitors hall... HA! Of course, I didn't want to wait even a second to see how I did! Imagine my surprise when I walked directly to the photography table to see this:
And then, I turned to the right and saw this, too:

HOLY CRAP!! I won overall first prize, and overall second prize, along with a third premium for another shot (there were more than a couple third premiums). So, essentially, I got First, Second and Third! In addition, I took first in all but two of the categories I entered. I don't know how many pictures were entered in each individual category, but First and Second overall is exciting! There were quite a few entries overall:
I just can not believe how well I did!!! I'm so excited, and have already had some friends ask me if I'm going to sell some of the stuff! YAY!!! So now the work begins to try to get my stuff together to be able to sell some at one of the bazaars before the holiday season. I'm SO excited!!

And, as if that wasn't enough, we went fishing yesterday afternoon, and I caught a giant chum salmon. Not a keeper (yuck), but FUN to reel in and snap a couple pictures of (after making Jason run back to the truck to grab the camera)!

Ok, I had every intention of putting in a slide show with my pictures from the fair, but can't make it work and I'm not html-savvy enough to fix it! So, I'll put up a new post with those later on!
That's all for now! Enjoy!


Mary said...

That is so exciting. (Both the fish and the pictures!)

We've got your lovely picture proudly displayed in our home, and we'll now brag that you are an award-winning photographer!

Lisa F said...

That is so exciting! I'm so happy for you!!!!! Those are beautiful pictures - all the ones in your house are beautiful too!

Anonymous said...

That's my girl!

Just a Girl in a Port said...

That's great!

The Garden Consultant said...

Dang!!! Congrats girl!!! You rock! Hope everything is great in AK!

Mom said...

My thoughts! Everytime, I view your blog:) The Iris is amazing, congradulations:) Mama Cope