Sunday, November 8, 2009

Because we can't Skype right now...

For those of you who really don't care to see two and a half minutes of babbling, sort of rolling-over baby, my apologies in advance. For everyone else (particularly grandparents who haven't been able to see Michaela via Skype because the desk top is being repaired), you'll get to see two minutes of Michaela practicing her two most recent talents.

The first is that she is a shoulder away from actually rolling over. She's managed to get herself over from the torso down, but hasn't quite figured out how to get that other arm out of the way and get all the way over.

The second is that she is now a champion bubble-blower/raspberry-noise maker. She wakes up practicing. And she makes her mommy laugh like it's going out of style. Endless entertainment for both of us!

And for everyone who didn't want to watch video, here are a few recent pictures...

From Halloween, the world's cutest frog princess (pay special attention to her feet....)

And from yesterday, one of the two of us lounging in the chair after a mid-afternoon snack...

And one of the little miss all bundled up for a walk out on Spruce Cape. We had stopped to chat with some friends we ran into and she started crying her eyes out. Being the mean mommy that I am, I made her stop again so I could get a picture of her with her sad little teary eyes.