Saturday, April 23, 2011

My little model

I posted one of these pictures on Facebook today, but I had to put the rest of them out there, too, because Michaela is just such a goofball!!

This is a series of pictures I took of her this morning on our way out the door to go to a big Easter egg drop. She wanted her sunglasses... and she wanted to put them up on her head "like Mommy" (perched on the top of her head, like you would do with your glasses when you go inside or something), but then they fell down.

Staring into space, trying to find the glasses....

Working to get them back where they belong, and unhooked from the bunny bow....

Ha! They fell down completely! And upside down!

This would be when I told her to look up at me so I could take a picture since she kept looking at the ground. Yeah, I maybe should've said, "Look at Mommy." She looked up alright....

Perfect! Glasses are on and she's ready to go!

Oh, but wait! She thought maybe she'd just strike a quick pose for me! Why she equates looking at the camera with tilting her head like this, I don't know... but she's done it a couple times in the past few weeks!

I've had a few ideas floating around in my head about things I'd like to just write about, but haven't quite gotten to them yet. As you can imagine, this kid keeps me more than a little busy, so I don't get a lot of time to do things for myself! It's enough that I get my 365 blog updated every night. Sometimes it's right before midnight, but I've at least been getting it done every day! I know I always say I'm not going to neglect this blog so much, and I really don't mean to, but it's tough to find the time!!

Hopefully these pictures help make up for it!