Sunday, September 30, 2007

A house, in pictures

Ok, so my Mom's been asking me for pictures of 3 rooms of our house for some mysterious Christmas present, and Jay's Mom's been asking for pictures because she wants to see all the changes, so, since I'm sitting in a hotel room in Anchorage, I figured I'd take the time to make both of them happy. So, Mom, Maryanne, here's the house. Hopefully, I can upload all the pictures I want to, because I HAVE to do before and after! Here goes nothin'!

Living room


Upstairs Bath

Master Bedroom and Master Bath

We have two spare bedrooms and another half bath off the kitchen. I took pictures of the spare bedrooms, but they're nothing great to look at, so I'm going to skip those. I'd love to show off our half bath, but I forgot to take pictures of it!
Anyway, this is the house! We have one more bedroom to paint and all the white that we're getting rid of will finally be gone! Only our bathroom and the laundry room are staying white... VERY exciting since EVERY room but one of the spare bedrooms was white when we moved in! We're pretty proud of the place, and how fast we managed to get unpacked and put together. With the exception of a couple of boxes and a few empty walls, you can hardly tell we've only had our household goods for two and a half months! Not bad!
So I've probably used up all my bandwith with this post, so news of other goings-on will have to wait for another day. We just recently had our first visitors, so I'll have more to share on that soon!
Miss everyone - can't wait for people to see the place in person!!!!!!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Regain my Manhood!

Well tonight I have finally matched the feat of my lovely bride. As you have seen in the previous post Becca was able to hook into two silvers (coho salmon) on her very first trip out fishing. Besides being quite impressive, they we're quite tasty. Since then though, I have not been able to match her or even to catch a single silver. The only thing that either of us has caught since that good trip of hers is stinky pinks (they look like they should be dead already when they are swimming) and believe me, she has been letting me know that I haven't caught a single silver, let alone match her.

Tonight I have redeemed my manhood. After dropping her off at the dock to travel out to the retreat that she was going on this weekend I went out to the river to see what I could do. Well, I finally caught a silver, and of what a doozy it was. I caught a wapping monster that was 29 inches long and 12.5 pounds. It was a monster and a ton of fun to catch. I can't wait to get out there and catch another one. They should start their run here this week, and hopefully we'll be able to put a few fillets in the freezer. Luckily the monster I caught made for over 5.5 pounds of fresh salmon for the freezer. =)

Well all is well here. Just thought I would put a quick post up to show you the fun we have up here. I know, Matt, and Alex will probably be drooling and I wouldn't be surprised if they were on the next flight up here. Hope all is well with everyone, and hope to see some of you soon.