Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daylight Check!

Although our weather has been absolutely TERRIBLE here for the past... I don't know... MONTH or so, we're at least gaining lots of daylight every day.

On the way into work one day last week, the sky was starting to brighten up even before 8am - which is a welcome sight when you've come though the darkest part of the winter when it didn't get light until 10am!

And then, on the way out for a class tonight, at 6:20pm, it wasn't all the way dark yet!

Yay for more hours of daylight.... now if only the sun would join the party!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun with a baby!

Back when Michaela was only a few weeks old, we did something to her one day that made me tell Jason that she would probably need therapy by the time she turns two. I don't remember what made me say that, but I bet this won't help....

Ha! This is funny, Mom! I'm wearing my walking hat in the house! These little straps taste good!

Ok, it's not really funny anymore. Do you have to show the ears on the hat? No one wants to see those....

Ok, seriously, I don't like this thing anymore.....

No, really... how do I get it off??

This is NOT working!!!

Yeah, take that, hat!

This pacifier is much better. I don't need no stinkin' hat!

Yes, I put the hat on her for my own amusement. Therapy... at two. It'll be my fault. I think I'm ok with that!