Monday, December 14, 2009

Does this make us bad parents?

We had to run to Walmart last night for a few items. On the way in, I asked Jason if we should get one cart for the baby and one for the stuff. We decided we didn't need that much stuff, so we'd be able to just fit it in the cart along with the carrier (keep in mind, we can't set the carrier in the seat part of the Walmart carts because it slides).

$190 worth of stuff later, I'm thinking we should've gotten two carts.

Where's Michaela??

Ah, there she is... between the windshield wiper fluid, the wipes and the cookie containers!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

She rolled!!

We have a LOT of catching up to do on here, but we'll start small with a little video and pictures with Santa.

We had the chance to travel (again) this past week and get our little world traveller off the Rock. This time it was a short(ish) trip to Juneau where I had a conference for work. Jason came in the "Mr. Mom" roll, and was assisted by his dad. Once the conference was over, we headed to Anchorage for a couple days as well, where we were able to have pictures taken with Santa at Nordstrom (along with other things).
So, first up, Santa pictures.
This was the first shot of the day. You'll notice how firmly entrenched her hands are in Santa's beard. She has a thing with hair right now...mostly mine. But I was happy to share that particular joy with Santa.

A lovely family shot. Ok, well, an "alright" family shot. We weren't expecting to get in on the action.

And the real thing. I don't think my daughter ever met a camera she didn't like! Isn't she cute!!

The last thing I'll post is a quick (and dark - sorry about that) video of her rolling over. While we were in Anchorage, she rolled from belly to back but we thought it was a fluke or a function of being on a nice squishy bed. But, it was NOT a fluke. She did it again at daycare yesterday, and then last night I managed to capture it on film. So here she is showing off two new skills - the rolling and the grabbing of her toes (which usually end up in her mouth).

That's it for now. We'll catch up with a slideshow of our trip to the East Coast and Juneau, but first I need to do things like write out Christmas cards and bake cookies. Hopefully it won't have to wait that long, but to say I'm behind on Christmas preps is the world's largest understatement, so I have to get some other things done around here before I get to this again. Hopefully the video and Santa pictures tide everyone over.