Thursday, October 23, 2008


October 23rd. Maybe officially October 22nd (we woke up to it). It snowed. Enough to stick. Crap.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Trip!

Everyone better really appreciate this slideshow for all the work it took me to get it up here!!! Geez, nothing like fighting with HTML stuff - something I know NOTHING about!

Anyway, this is just a handful of the pictures from our trip. Between the two of us, and two cameras, we probably took about 500 pictures, so whittling it down to a digestable amount for the masses was no easy task!

So, the quick and dirty on the trip:
We left Kodiak late on a Thursday afternoon, arriving in Orlando mid-day on a Friday, after only one short delay in Dallas on the way. We had to wait around the airport for a while in Orlando, waiting for our bags to catch up, but that gave us time to get the car and stretch our legs. From Friday til early in the morning on the next Friday, we did all the fun Orlando things. We spent more than a little time at EPCOT, and also got in ample time at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios (used to be MGM). We also braved the crowds for the late-night fireworks at Magic Kingdom on Saturday night, and got some quality time at Sea World. And, of course, we splurged on a day at Discovery Cove, which we thankfully rescheduled during our lay-over in Dallas so that we could try for better weather. It worked, too!

While in Orlando, we were also lucky enough to see Nana (Peggers!) for an afternoon, including a great Italian dinner at a local Mom&Pop kind of place. It was amazing to see all the changes to the area she lives in - it's grown so much in just the couple years since we were last there! We also got to see the Holloways, who were our neighbors in Kodiak until this past spring. Mary cooked us a fabulous meal, and we just hung out for a while, catching up with her, Keith and the kids. Keith had recently had some surgery, and I have to admit part of the fun was watching the pain meds kick in! *giggle*

From Orlando, we headed a little further south to St. Thomas to see Josh and Erin, and Regan, of course! Regan had just hit 7 months, and it was WONDERFUL to finally meet her! We had a great time hanging out with Josh and Erin, and just relaxing a little at the tail end of our trip. To add to the fun, my friend Lisa, who moved to St. Croix from Kodiak this summer (courtesy of the Coast Guard), flew over for the day one day, and we had the chance to hang out for a while! I've been missing my friends who transferred this summer, so it was awesome to see some of them while we were on vacation!

We finally left St. Thomas first thing on a Tuesday morning, and arrived in Kodiak a mere 28 hours later! We also came back to temperatures roughly 55 or 60 degrees colder than when we left St. Thomas! That was QUITE the wake-up call! We managed to stay away long enough, though, that, even with it being in the 30s, we were happy to be home! Since then, we've been busy getting caught up at work, and getting ready for the next trip - Grand Rapids for Justin's wedding!

For a little contrast, I'll leave this with a picture I took the day after we got back from vacation. If you'll remember, in the slide show, there are many pictures of us in shorts and t-shirts. It was a little different when we got home!

Sorry it took me so long to update! Hope you enjoy!

Friday, October 17, 2008

We're alive....

So neither one of us has had the energy to update the blog since we've been back from vacation. Theoretically I'll get to it this weekend....

We had a GREAT time on our vacation, though! We soaked up some sun, walked our feet to blisters at the different Disney parks, saw family and friends in Florida, and more family and friends in St. Thomas, and stayed away long enough to really appreciate coming home. Even though it was nearly 90 degrees when we left St. Thomas one morning, and just about 30 degrees when we walked out to the plane in Anchorage 24 hours later, we really were happy to get home!!

I'll put a slide show together this weekend to share some of our fun!

Oh, and, in case anyone wondered, I finally figured out who the cutest kid in the world is. Her name is Regan and she wins... hands down!