Monday, January 28, 2013

It's like the last 6 months haven't happened!

So the last time I posted here was less than a week before I had Yellow. For those that don't follow the other blog, or actually know us, Yellow turned out to be pink and her name is Cate. She was born on July 18th, two days after her big sister's 3rd birthday, and the day after Michaela's birthday party. Yeah, I willed her to stay in.

Since then, it's taken a LOT of effort to keep up with the 365 Blog (I finished 2012 and started all over again in 2013), so if you want to get caught up, head on over there.

Meanwhile, I'll be back here in a few days to get caught up with pictures from Michaela's birthday, the news of Cate's arrival (I got that VBAC I wanted!), and all the happenings over the last six months. Having two kids is a lot more work than one kid was, especially when one kid is Michaela and she's running me ragged and the other kid eats every three hours and needs constant attention!

Check out Becca's 365, though. Since I don't know how to let a picture speak for itself, you can pretty much catch up with all the news there!

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