Thursday, March 29, 2012

Look how big my belly's gotten!

Oh my.

I somehow thought that my belly hadn't really gotten that much bigger in the last few weeks. Even though my midwife looked at me at my last appointment and said, "Ooo, gained a little weight. Yeah, you just look.... bigger."

I was wrong. Unless I was somehow holding it in when I took the picture 2 weeks ago and sticking it out when I took the picture tonight. I don't think either of those is true.

We did find out on Tuesday that Yellow is still a baby - gender to be revealed to all upon delivery! - and is measuring somewhere around 1 pound, 7 oz. I'm going to blame the big belly on that. I don't think a baby is supposed to be that big yet at 23weeks gestation. That does not bode well for me!

Anyway, so.....
Belly Watch 2012
(23 weeks)

And because this other picture cracks me up, I have to include it, too. My mini-me decided she wanted to be in on the belly picture action. So she stood in front of me and posed. I had to crop myself out of the picture because my eyes were closed and I looked awful, but this is what was going on in front of me while Jason just tried to get a quick picture. *sigh*

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